Quality camp knife

I mentioned thrift and a good blade in a previous post. Obtained one right before the holidays because the price was right at lapg.com

Made in the USA!

I have since oiled the sheath and handle with boiled linseed oil.

Camouflage, new hat, thrift, and the scout

I actually loath camouflage

Not because camouflage is inherently evil, or associated with warfare.  It’s the aesthetics.  Ugh, those lines!  I think it is hideous; camouflage is awful for this old art student.  However, it’s practical in many respects.  It might help with repelling insects.  Maybe hide you from insurgents, and certainly profit a bad artist for the MIC.  Let’s admit – so few look good in it.

But surplus is wide spread (thrift!).  When you need a floppy ‘boonie’ hat you are mostly likely to end up with one that is camouflage due to the market availability (or MIC) of the woodland or desert patterns.  In my case I have an old woodland pattern cover.  A perfect hat for summer sun and downpours. (Trust me on the downpours).



This Rover near Viñales, Cuba.  Is it official scouting if I wear this hat? I discovered that camouflage is widely worn by the Cuban people. “That’s an ugly hat, but it looks good on you” – Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack


The BPSA-US re-introduces ‘traditional scouting’

Not replacing the old immediately was my thrift plan.  I never wore it for an official Scout picture, presumably not conflicting with a no camouflage uniform rule. I needed a new Scout hat for official BPSA-US uniform stuff.  Note – I’m not crazy about uniforms either, but I empathize with the ‘feel like you’re part of the team’ espirit de corp.  Slowly (very) I’m working on acquiring my official Rover Uniform.  I am grateful the 66th Confluence bought me a scout shirt otherwise I may have opted out.  I chose to replace my floppy camouflage hat with a solid olive-khaki one.



Another non-official hat for this scout, but worn for safety in the woods on a fall day during hunting season.  Improvements for safety in uniforms and gear are permissible for BPSA-US scouts.


To extend my thriftiness, I did not buy a hat from the Quartermaster! No!  I found an adjustable floppy hat, in olive that is just right for less money than the Quartermaster offered.  Yes, it’s new, please consider I have a big head – literally a size 8.

So, a new big floppy hat was purchased.  It is tough to scout with a headache.