Chubb Trail yesterday

Rated as “difficult” by St Louis County Parks and, I managed to get lost on the 12 miles of trails yesterday.  Was a brief problem when I accidentally walked what I thought was the trail and it wasn’t.  Ended up on private property but quickly back to the official trail.

As I noted before, this park connects to the back side of  Castlewood State Park that is cut off by the Meramec River from the main portion of Castlewood.  It then connects to the trail behind Lone Elk Park of St Louis County Parks.

Perhaps St. Louis County and the State could coordinate some trail ‘blazes’ to better mark the official trail? Would be helpful.  Perhaps it is a future project for a Rover Scout.

At any rate, the only thing I had trouble persevering with was that it was too warm for Oct 1st.  I had started early enough at 8:30 am so I managed not to get drenched with perspiration.  All together I did about 6 miles.

I will return in a week when it is cooler and go a little further.


Rover Scout: “Service”


Grateful for autumn

Since I used to associate autumnal anxiety with school, fall was often unpleasant. No more. That is decades gone. Now it’s meant for Rover hiking and camping!

So to kick it off I am getting my Rover – 1st Lone Scouts ‘necker’ purchased and a warmer weather BPSA t-shirt from the Quartermaster. Also found a ready made woggle for my necker.

Now if the summer heat would disappear …

LNT vs. Bushcraft

Call me naive but I didn’t realize there was a conflict between Leave No Trace hiking & camp ethic vs. ‘Bushcraft’. Hmm.

Gotta ask why one humanist view is ‘right’ over the other. Who says? Does a democratic vote determine one ethic over the other?

To be consistent with the Lord Baden-Powell view of scouting I presume this requires a bit of study.

The Hobbit

So it appears that I dissent with Sir Baden-Powell regarding tobacco, pipes & pipe tobacco specifically.  J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo, and Gandolf are kindred spirits in this regard.