Team Puerto Rico

Word has it prior to departure that our work team will assist “La Hormiga” as they work on demolition in a suburb of San Juan, PR.  The homes do not qualify for FEMA funds because the occupants didn’t legally own the property, so private groups are assisting with the rebuild. The state government is assisting the squatters with acquiring legal right to the land.  I do wish them well and not the speed with which matters typically happen on ‘island time’.

The days will be long in the sun. I am looking forward to cool nights and coqui frogs chirping all night.



Too cold to hike

Despite the weather guesser saying it would be a sunny day, high of 25’F, the sustained winds foiled my hike attempt this morning at Fort Belle Fontaine Park. “Feels like 4’F” per with the wind chill.

There was a significant frost bite hazard, so I fell back to the trailhead almost immediately!

Really looking forward to a non-windy day even if it is cold to attempt a hike here. The trail is 3 miles long and goes along the Missouri River.  It also has old fort ruins to gaze upon.  Definitely a Rover Scout trail.