Another year as a Rover

A little late, but I renewed my BPSA-US membership as a Rover.


Grateful for autumn

Since I used to associate autumnal anxiety with school, fall was often unpleasant. No more. That is decades gone. Now it’s meant for Rover hiking and camping!

So to kick it off I am getting my Rover – 1st Lone Scouts ‘necker’ purchased and a warmer weather BPSA t-shirt from the Quartermaster. Also found a ready made woggle for my necker.

Now if the summer heat would disappear …

Hiking Cuba

Did a bit of Rovering in Cuba.  La Habana is a gritty place, full of history.  On October 11, 2017 I spent time alone hiking across Viejo Habana observing its people, buildings, doorways, and small markets.  Before traveling here I was well prepared in the event the island was struck by a hurricane, by bringing a personal water purifier, poncho, etc.  The poncho was particularly helpful because the day I was alone I experienced a tropical thunderstorm.  I was conspicuous in the storm as the average Cuban doesn’t have a bright blue rain poncho.  What a great day!



Outside the Castillo de la Real Fuerza


Near Vinales

1st Lone Scouts for 2018

With my schedule conflicts and on again off again pace with Rovering, I will pursue the 1st Lone Scouts after January 1, 2018.  Looking back on 2016 and 2017 I don’t know how I managed to fit in the Browsea in November 2016.

Cold weather camp & hike scheme

I’m not a fan of hot weather hiking or camping. This results in a scheme to plot winter exploits. Just about to embark on a tropical hike in Cuba 🇨🇺. Tropical is nice for swimming and beaches when you can be mostly naked, but miserable for treks. Nonetheless I shall do a hot hike around tobacco farms while plotting wintertime trek.

Post summer Rovering

So I managed to commune with a bit of beauty in Manhattan this summer and do a second vigil.

Last week I got in a difficult hike for this old Rover.  What a climb!  Made it up the hill on one of the pinnicles at Berea College in Kentucky.  Was good to see the kiddo at school while there.

Next stop for this Rover is Cuba.