Quick camp

My goal isn’t elaborate. I am executing a solitary campout for tonight at Cuivre River State Park. Midwestern heatwave is abated for a few days so I shall take advantage of it. A high temp of approximately 85’F today and tomorrow.


Mo. bear aware

Missouri has bears. Yup. Department of Conservation estimates 300-350 black bears now. Most still south of I-44.


Black bear tranquilized by the Mo Dept of Conservation for study. Image from @moconservation.

Camp fire prep

No, this isn’t a scout how-to about lighting your camp fire. It’s about thrift; a scouting virtue.

Went looking for scrap wood to take camping. There was an old pallet in an alley I remembered but it departed before I could retrieve it.

Sure enough I have a stockpile of 2×4 ends in the basement that are nice and dry. Pine burns kind of fast, is kinda smokey, but it’s free!