Too cold to hike

Despite the weather guesser saying it would be a sunny day, high of 25’F, the sustained winds foiled my hike attempt this morning at Fort Belle Fontaine Park. “Feels like 4’F” per with the wind chill.

There was a significant frost bite hazard, so I fell back to the trailhead almost immediately!

Really looking forward to a non-windy day even if it is cold to attempt a hike here. The trail is 3 miles long and goes along the Missouri River.  It also has old fort ruins to gaze upon.  Definitely a Rover Scout trail.


The Hobbit

So it appears that I dissent with Sir Baden-Powell regarding tobacco, pipes & pipe tobacco specifically.  J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo, and Gandolf are kindred spirits in this regard.

Looking to 2018

I look forward to service, Rover Knighthood, more hiking and camping, being a 1st Lone Scouts in 2018, and starting my quest.