Vigil prep

Found out what the typical Vigil consists of per the Rover Handbook. Also consulted my Rover sponsor and the notes here.

My Vigil will consist of several evenings in a creepy Gothic-style church in an old St Louis City neighborhood. Because I might be interrupted I plan to execute this in 3-4 hour segments over successive evenings. Done some time in December 2016 and January 2017.

The Vigil is intended to be a period of solitude, reflection, meditation, and self-examination for
the Rover Squire. It may take place over a single night, a weekend, or however long the Squire
wishes it to take.

– Rovering to Success, BPSA-US

Wisdom in simplicity

So most people learn their scout oath about 8 years of age. I guess it just took me a while, but I learned it at 50 years old.  So I committed to the “Outlander’s” oath, a version that permits a scout to observe their conscience. However I didn’t have to concern the specifics of deity (mine is the G-d of Abraham, Issac & Jacob) which to me means I’m more likely to keep it.

On my honor, I promise that I will do my best

To render service to my country,

To help other people at all times,

And to obey the Scout Law

So the oath wasn’t too hard. The Scout Law was a bit tougher. And when it came to the specifics of the Tenderfoot test, after some review, I was able to recite it.  A fellow Rover named Kevin at my Brownsea helped us learn it Wheel of Fortune style.  I’m grateful for the experience, fun of learning it with my fellow pleb Rovers, and the immense wisdom embodied in the Scout Law.

Trusty, loyal and helpful,
Brotherly, courteous, kind,
Obedient, smiling and thrifty,
Pure as the rustling wind.


The traditional skills for the Tenderfoot examination are history of the American flag (for the USA scouts of course), folding said flag and its proper display; several knots, “patrol method”, learning the Scout Law and oath. And this test is for all scouts, even for Rovers.

I would presume if you’re a Lone Scout this will be difficult to get each step signed off on.  The Brownsea camp made it simple, and the Tenderfoot training was done in 9 hours of autumn daylight.

So it starts at Brownsea

Just like much of the origin of the scouting movement my scout experience as a Rover started at a “Brownsea”. Brownsea is an island off England’s southern coast. Lord Baden-Powell did an experimental camp there, working through the ideas in his Scouting For Boys launching the scout movement. 

Mine was last weekend.  My experience starts here too at Brownsea only in 2016 held at Babler State Park. Ok, so I’m a slow learner at 50, but I did finally learn my six knots for my Tenderfoot test. And I learned them much to the thanks and patience of other Rovers. Mucho bueno.