tropical service

It was slow.

It was hot.

Occasionally disorganized.

Homes were rebuilt.

New building skills were acquired (I learned some masonry and rebar fabrication).

A modest hike occurred.

Insect bites were suffered (and continue to be).

Having mechanical and carpentry skills is good!  The ability to serve the people of Puerto Rico was a blessing and honor.

Vaya con Dios


#hurricanemaria #puertorico




Team Puerto Rico

Word has it prior to departure that our work team will assist “La Hormiga” as they work on demolition in a suburb of San Juan, PR.  The homes do not qualify for FEMA funds because the occupants didn’t legally own the property, so private groups are assisting with the rebuild. The state government is assisting the squatters with acquiring legal right to the land.  I do wish them well and not the speed with which matters typically happen on ‘island time’.

The days will be long in the sun. I am looking forward to cool nights and coqui frogs chirping all night.



Quick camp

My goal isn’t elaborate. I am executing a solitary campout for tonight at Cuivre River State Park. Midwestern heatwave is abated for a few days so I shall take advantage of it. A high temp of approximately 85’F today and tomorrow.


follow-up on Memphis

The MLK50 Conference was great! Hiking Memphis was not the hike I planned. I ended up doing an unprepared hike (no pack or bag) across the city. My intended address was the north end of a road and I was on the south end of the identical address. Once I paid for expensive downtown parking (at least it wasn’t NYC or Chicago!) my mistake of being on the wrong end of town became glaring.

So I hoofed it a couple miles. When done I acknowledge that the hike wasn’t so bad. Urban terrain is tougher than trails sometimes. The persistence paid off. I got there in time but out of breath. Along the way I saw Beal Street. Was wonderful.

Early spring hike

My buddy Mike and I hiking the easy on the feet loop trail at Robertsville State Park today.  Quite cool and overcast, but really an ideal spring day to hike. Lack of heat made exertion literally no sweat.